Las Vegas
Weight Loss Challenge
Where Losers are Winners

We Invite You to Enroll in our

Las Vegas Weight Loss Challenge
12-Week Nutrition Course
Where Losers Are Winners!

The Weight Loss Challenge is a community event to help educate people on how to live healthier lives!  We want to reach as many people in Las Vegas as we can.

We are holding educational classes to help people gain nutritional information. The weekly class will last about one hour each week and are on going for twelve weeks. Whether you are looking for better health, more energy or to lose weight, these classes will teach you better nutrition for life!

Wellness starts with having optimum weight through healthy eating habits and exercise. 

We will be discussing how to acheive this by having weekly topics such as:

  • Importance of Protein
  • How Much Water Do I Need and Body Composition
  • Maximizing Your Metabolism
  • Importance of Cleansing and Healthy Villi
  • Nutrition Labels, Shopping and Good Carbs
  • Sugar
  • Good -vs- Bad Fats, and Bad Carbs
  • Importance of Fiber
  •  Exercise and Stress
  •  Dining Out
  •  Keeping Your Heart Healthy

Proceeds to join the challenge will be awarded in cash and prizes back to the winning participants, with a portion of the joining fee going to charity to help fight the childhood obesity epidemic. (

We are here to support ALL weight loss programs. Our major goal is long term wellness. To help people LOSE WEIGHT AND KEEP IT OFF.

What is a Weight Loss Challenge?

The purpose of this Weight Loss Challenge is to support everyone in their goal of better health, wellness and weight loss. If all diets worked, we would all be thin. It is not about exercising more and eating less. It is more about nutrition and getting your body back into balance! The challenge is a friendly competion to help promote wellness in the community.

The Weight Loss Challenge will provide you with:

  • A FREE body analysis
  • Your own personal wellness coach
  • FREE nutrition information 
  • FREE samples of healthy foods
  • Group support and encouragement
  • A chance to win cash and prizes

Call Us Today!

Please feel free to contact one of our personal wellness coaches for registration details and class times. Locations and times may vary so please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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